Zero-touch deployment with


Cloudsplice has been designed for the following use cases:

  • simplified zero touch deployments
  • connecting OT over hostile carrier infrastructure
  • try-before-you-buy (proof of value – POV) option to evaluate the suitability of Splice for your environment
  • offloading of compute intensive machine learning algorithms to the Cloud

Several options are available to suit your environment and risk appetite, allowing you to transition from mirror mode to in-path at your own pace.

The table below compares Splice on premise to Cloudsplice.

 Splice (on-prem)Cloudsplice (multi-tenant)Cloudsplice (dedicated)Cloudsplice (POV)
Splice modes    
Mirror modexxxx
In-path modexxx 
Redundant overlay networkxxx 
Hardware / VirtualHVH or VV
Splice features    
Asset discoveryxxxx
Behavioral profilingxxxx
Intrusion Inspectionxxxx
Logical group segregationxxx 
Flight recorderxxxx
Vulnerability shieldingxxx 
Multi factor authentication offloadingxxx 
Security enhanced microservicesxxx 
Remote supportx x 
Basic OT network health monitoringxxx 
Enhanced OT network health monitoringx x 
Security monitoring122 
  1. Connect to Cybersplice or own TOC/SOC
  2. Cybersplice monitoring

Try Splice with zero risk and no commitment in mirror mode, connecting to Cloudsplice servers.