Ticking the feature boxes

  • Asset management
  • Anomaly detection and response
  • Security management
  • Network-based security
  • Identity and access management (IAM)
  • Near endpoint-based security
  • Supported through specialist OT security consulting, integration and managed services

Splice's radical design approach gives 100% visibility of OT traffic, allowing for unique features such as:

  • Micro-segmentation
  • Vulnerability shielding
  • API strenghtening
  • Secure remote access
  • Virtual network level patching
  • Black box flight recorder 
  • Cloud capability


Download use cases for transportation, building automation and manufacturing:

Transportation   Building Automation  


Today's OT networks need to strike a balance between the convenience of convergence and the ability to maintain observability, operability and controllability (i.e. OT security).  There are many points in OT security architecture design where these attributes are likely to be targeted.  

Security weaknesses found in the control network and field devices are likely to be around for some time yet.   Splice secures the OT network with a new approach to logical isolation, control enhancement and behavioral monitoring.  This means that investments already made in vulnerable legacy devices and systems will not expose the entire operation.

Review the demo videos, product options or contact us for a private demonstration.

The diagram below depicts a typical Splice deployment covering an embedded device environment typically found in Property Management, Retail and Healthcare.



The deployment model below is an example of the architecture design for Sensor Networks and SCADA installations typically found in Critical Infrastructure, Mining and Oil and Gas.  Splice is deployed with a highly redundant architecture and runs in mirror mode.  The Splice overlay network is available as a contingency and can be moved to in-path mode if the network is under attack.


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